Rice Tunnel Thruster

The Rice Tunnel Thruster has been desgnied following the state of the art rules by Rice group, and the most important Reserch and Development institutions in the country to fit the Naval Industry needs. This thruster combines outstanding technologies to offer the highligh reliable and profitable product, and to ensure the manoeuvrability of your Vessel.


Our product is the result of Rice's 100 years experience designing solutions for the Global Marine Industry, and the know-how of our R&D team and prominent Engineering Reserch Centers in Mexico. The preocess involved Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) studies.


The Superior Construction Techniques we use, as well as the best quality materials in all of the components lead us to deliver the best performance under the most demanding conditions.

Quality Control

Rice is an ISO9000:2008 Certified Manufacterer.

Scantlings and weld seams in accordance with ABS criteria.

Rice manufacturers are ABS and Germanischer Lloyd certified.


The Thruster has the ideal housing and bespoke propeller desing for every application to produce maximun thrust and efficency.


With Rice Thrusters you can always rely on the best quality, high performance, on-time delivers and full technical support.

Costumer service

Full technical backup, installation advice and service support are always avaliable.

Rice Tunnel Thrusters Top Advantages

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Rice Speed

Rice Thrust

Heavy Duty

Kort 19A/37


Flap type

Triple rudder

Single Rudder

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