Heavy Duty River Nozzle

The new HD River Nozzles by Rice is designed to meet the heavy demands of river service. If you work on the river, you already know that the nozzles encounter extraordinary problems due the E rosion from river sand and shallow operations. Extraordinary problems call for extraordinary solutions. Rice Nozzles has that solution: a nozzle developed for this particular application.


Extended life and durability

 superior construction and design combines on all stainless steel shell with heavier internal components to yield the best performance in the most demanding conditions.


All internal and external welding is continuous and in compliance with ABS regulations. All factory welders are ABS and Germanischer Lloyd certified.

Easy Installation

Qualified naval architects will adapt the nozzle design to your hull and provide all necessary installation information to the shipyard.

Extra smooth SS inner shell

Rice HD nozzles have an extremely smooth stainless steel inner shell to minimize any cavitation that may be caused by turbulence.

Fuel Saving

Rice offers propeller and nozzle sizing service free of charge according to vessel and power specifications to get the lowest possible level of fuel consumption.


You can expect top quality, fast deliveries and the lowest prices for similar construction in the market. Your nozzles are always delivered on time.

Quality control

Metalmenc is an ISO9001 certified nozzle manufacturer and committed to offer you the best product on the market.

Some river boat operators presently using Rice Nozzles: Canal Barge, Kirby Inland, Cargo Carriers, American River Transportation company, Crescent towing, Marquette Transportation, Apex towing.

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